Young Scientists’ Club

Our budding scientists at the Opportunity Center just completed a unit on human anatomy in our Young Scientists’ Club. Led by volunteer Dr. Kristin Brodowski (a NASA retiree and founder of Solid Foundations in Math and Science), our after-school students learned all about the organs in their digestive system, the heart/lung connection, muscles and bones, and the two hemispheres of the brain.  Capping off this unit study, Dr. Brodowski and her assistant, Miss Anna, dissected frogs (“Maximillian” and “Ferdinand”) and showed the students the various similarities of the frog anatomy with that of a human.  A super surprise was that Ferdinand was, in fact, Fernanda (aka Big Mama), as she was filled with eggs!”

“As volunteers, Anna and I seek to inspire these young minds with the wonder of science,” says Dr. Brodowski.  Our best days are when students’ eyes light up and their mouths open wide in amazement.”  This spring, the Young Scientists’ Club will be “traveling” the world and examining a wide variety of unusual animals within the biomes.