Working Toward a World with No Cavities

boy-brushing-teethNumerous studies show that poor dental hygiene leads to increased risk of heart disease, stroke, respiratory ailments and cancer. In developing nations, such as Brazil, lack of dental care and access to adequate dentistry make children particularly vulnerable to painful and disfiguring oral diseases.

INMED’s Health in Action program stresses the importance of daily dental care as a key contributor to a healthy life, along with a proper diet, personal hygiene, exercise and food safety.

With the support of a governmental family support program, INMED Brasil is working with health and government officials in towns such as Glória do Goitá in Pernambuco state to deliver health education to hundreds of children and their families. Glória do Goitá’s Health Secretary, for example, is already seeing the power of INMED’s partnerships. One partner has donated 1,000 tooth brushes and tooth paste, while a local dentist is providing free dental exams.

“Together we can make a difference, and we will do everything we can to unite all agents that can improve the lives of our population,” the Health Secretary said. “Alone it’s very hard to change, but when there are various sectors that wish to cooperate, it becomes easier.”