Why I Needed INMED

Two years ago, I was living in a homeless shelter with three-week-old twins and struggling to overcome a 17-year addiction. I had nothing but the clothes on my back and a box of diapers for my babies. I heard about a homelessness intervention program at the INMED Family & Youth Opportunity Center and reached out for help.

The caring support and guidance I have received from INMED and its community partners have changed my life. Today, I have a stable job, a home of my own, a car, affordable child care and hope for the future. The journey has not been easy. It has taken a lot of hard work on my part and tremendous diligence by my case manager to help me get the resources I needed to become self-sufficient and provide a better life for my children.

INMED’s Opportunity Center offers vital programs for low-income families and children—from after-school academic enrichment to family education to job skills development. With INMED’s help, I’m building marketable skills and knowledge to help my family not just survive, but thrive.

If you would like to help families like mine overcome or avoid homelessness, please support INMED.

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