Health in Action Brazil


Location: Brazil

Brazil is the largest country in Latin America and, by most accounts, a relatively prosperous country. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, however, a quarter of Brazil’s population lives in extreme poverty.

In response, INMED and INMED Brasil, in partnership with the Mondelez International Foundation and Mondelez Brasil (formerly the Kraft Foods Foundation and Kraft Foods Brasil) launched the Health in Action (Ação Saudável) program in April 2010. Over four years, initiative will reduce hunger among more than 200,000 children in nine cities in three states.

The initiative provides children and their communities with nutritious produce grown in school and home gardens, and educates parents, teachers and community members, on the importance of nutrition, hygiene and healthy lifestyles. In addition to preventive health education, the program provides deworming treatment for children suffering from intestinal parasitic infections that rob them of vital nutrients and compromise their health and development.

Local and state government, including the departments of health, education and agriculture, are key partners in the Health in Action program, ensuring a strong foundation for long-term sustainability of the practices put in place. Click here to view a detailed program report about the Health in Action program.


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