Intensive perinatal home visiting represents the cornerstone of our domestic maternal and child health programs. Since 1993, INMED’s MotherNet and Healthy Families programs have provided vital family education and support services to promote healthy birth outcomes, strengthen families and equip parents to give their children the healthiest possible start in life.

The Healthy Families Loudoun program delivers in-home case management services, health and parenting education, emotional and practical support, health access services, and links to other community resources to pregnant women and new parents who are at greatest risk of poor birth outcomes and subsequent poor outcomes in child health, development, safety and academic success.

The programs work toward eight essential goals that address a wide range of health and social factors impacting children, families and communities:

  1. Children are born healthy
  2. Children stay healthy
  3. Children develop optimally
  4. Children live in a safe, stimulating, nurturing environment
  5. Ten pregnancy rates are reduced
  6. Families are strengthened
  7. Family self-sufficiency is enhanced
  8. Community capacity to support child development is strengthened.