Family Homelessness Prevention & Intervention

United States


The economic downturn has left so many families homeless, and local services and resources have been unable to keep up. It soon became clear that resources providing financial assistance to keep financially stressed families in their homes were simply too limited, and there needed to be an alternative solution. In 2009, INMED Partnerships for Children launched its family homelessness prevention program to rescue families on the edge of homelessness.

Parents and children alike suffer when their housing situation becomes unstable. A stressed mother or father is unable to handle the challenges of parenting, and the chances for child abuse and neglect are greater. Ultimately, children’s health, safety and development become compromised.

Case managers work with families under financial stress and at imminent risk of homelessness. These vulnerable families are linked to financial, housing and employment resources that help them gain stability and strengthen economic prospects.

To date more than 100 families have been brought back from the brink of homelessness. With the guidance of their case managers, who help them develop concrete goals, they are reducing their debt, increasing their savings, following a budget and maintaining consistent employment.