Harvest the Future International Symposium 2015


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Innovations in Climate-Smart Agriculture for Small-Scale Producers

June 14-17 2015
Hilton Rose Hall
Montego Bay, Jamaica

An immersion symposium on innovative solutions for sustainable, small-scale food production. Come learn about new technologies that address:

  • Food Security
  • Nutrition and Health
  • Climate Change
  • Income Generation

Explore aquaponics and other intensive, climate-smart interventions, as well as renewable energy and water harvesting solutions, and how they can be scaled up in a wide variety of development settings.

Experience grassroots production and vanguard adaptations among smallholder farmers, fisherfolk, schools, youth groups, women-led cooperatives, groups of disabled farmers, and within a juvenile detention center. Join a field trip to see these pioneering solutions in action, and learn from experts who are making them work in Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

Engage with colleagues and discover collaborative opportunities to advance shared objectives and programs that rely on healthy, resilient and productive food systems. Interact and network with private- and public-sector leaders and development practitioners from around the world.

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Preview INMED’s work in aquaponics, one of the innovations to be showcased at the symposium: