What We Do

For too many children around the world, their hope for the future is not matched by opportunity. Facing poverty, poor health, malnutrition and lack of education, living in broken families and violent communities, a generation of children is at risk.

Through a broad range of health, social, education, violence prevention and community development programs, INMED is helping to create opportunities that inspire hope, build self-reliance and encourage community collaboration.

Together with our partners, we are transforming the future for hundreds of thousands of children and their family and community members in Latin America and the Caribbean, southern Africa, and the U.S. by:

  • Securing children’s health, development and safety
  • Developing skills, knowledge and opportunities for children and youth
  • Building family and community capacity to support and sustain positive change

Through INMED’s programs, the process of transformation that begins with a child carries over to his family and community, creating real, meaningful, sustainable change that crosses generations, breaks the cycle of poor outcomes and leads to a brighter future for all.