Volunteers Needed in Peru

INMED Partnerships for Children announces a volunteer opportunity in indigenous communities in the Amazon rainforest region of Peru, where we have established three maternity waiting homes (casas de espera). These guest houses, built near properly equipped health centers, help ensure that late-stage pregnant women from remote communities are close to quality obstetrical care when labor begins.

INMED is in need of up to three certified nurse-midwives who speak Spanish and can dedicate at least six months of service. The position’s main responsibilities include:

  • Educating women of childbearing age on reproductive health issues and the importance of prenatal care, through home visits and community-based forums
  • Promoting the benefits of institutional births as an alternative to home births with untrained attendants, while maintaining respect for indigenous cultures and practices
  • Attending labor and delivery and monitoring postpartum health for women and infants who stay at the maternity waiting homes
  • Performing Pap smears, STD exams and various other minor gynecological procedures
  • Coordinating educational activities and obstetrical practice with local health center personnel

The volunteer will be responsible for personal expenses and associated travel fees.

To apply for the volunteer position, please send your resume and a cover letter to contact@inmed.org. Please include in your letter why you are interested in volunteering and what you hope to accomplish.

For more information about the position and personal perspectives on the experience, explore the blogs of INMED’s previous nurse-midwife volunteers on our website at www.inmed.org/blog-volunteering-in-peru and www.inmed.org/maternity-waiting-homes.