Children, like seedlings, need to be nurtured to reach their full potential. But many children in our region never get the opportunity to achieve their dreams, because they are economically disadvantaged, have a disability or are unable to adapt to traditional learning environments.
At INMED Partnerships for Children, we’re growing opportunities for children and youth to thrive—regardless of the obstacles they face.
Through STEM enrichment programs at our Opportunity Center in Sterling, we’re narrowing the opportunity gaps and opening new worlds for economically disadvantaged children.
With our new project—coming soon to Paxton Campus in Leesburg—we will partner with the EMBARK Center to provide an alternative learning environment and skills development in the exciting field of aquaponics for economically disadvantaged youth and teens with differing abilities.
We need your support to provide these kids with the opportunities they deserve. Plant a seed today for a future farmer and make a secure donation on our Giving Grid.
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Meet Our Big Dreamers

As a 1st-grader, Joey was referred to our after-school academic enrichment program to help him catch up in reading and math. He worked very hard and achieved his academic improvement goals for 2nd and 3rd grade. Now in 4th grade, Joey is struggling again in math as well as with a lack of self-confidence. Through our group activities, he is learning to work well with others and is no longer shy about sharing his ideas. Joey especially loves nurturing his own plant and learning math concepts in our indoor garden. He wants to be a farmer one day.
Seven-year-old Brenda was referred to our after-school program because she was falling behind her classmates and needed a lot of help just learning to count. After working diligently with a tutor and our student volunteers, Brenda is completing all her homework, working independently and asking questions to make sure she understands what to do. Helping children develop the skill to work by themselves is key to building self-esteem and helping them succeed in school and in life. Brenda wants to run her own business when she grows up.
Born with Down Syndrome, Grace attends the PosAbilities Academy, a high school for teens with special needs. Grace is 16 and is learning a variety of vocational skills to parlay into future employment. INMED’s Aquaponics Education Center – coming soon to Paxton Campus— will offer teens like Grace skills development opportunities in the exciting field of adaptive agriculture. Grace loves nature and helping her mother tend her family’s garden. INMED Aquaponics is designed especially for individuals with disabilities and special needs.
Katty began attending our after-school program in 3rd grade to catch up from missing 3 months of school while she was treated for lymphoma. She had difficulty retaining math concepts and with reading comprehension. She lost her hair from chemotherapy and felt self-conscious. At our Opportunity Center, she found a safe and accepting environment to thrive again. She began to work with a tutor and has improved her math and reading skills. Now Katty is thriving in 4th grade. She reads to the 1st grade students and helps them with their homework—reinforcing her own skills while helping other students who struggle.


Our Programs

After-school & STEAM
We’re narrowing the opportunity gaps for at-risk children through individualized academic improvement plans, tutoring and homework help, volunteer-led STEAM activities and summer learning camps In the last year, 87% of teachers reported that their students improved their performance in reading and/or math, and 73% reported improvements in their students’ self-esteem.
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Skills Development
The center hosts a variety of vocational classes, basic computer skills and other classes that foster entrepreneurship, as well as parent education workshops in financial literacy, early child development, nutrition and healthy family dynamics.
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Healthy Families Loudoun
Rated by Healthy Families Virginia among its top 5 programs, Healthy Families Loudoun (HFL) provides free in-home education and case management services for at-risk, first-time and teen parents. A family support specialist provides tailored one-on-one support to give children the best possible start in life and to ensure they remain in a healthy, safe and nurturing environment. In the last year, HFL had a 100% success rate for healthy birth outcomes and well baby care.
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INMED Aquaponics Education Center
INMED is partnering with the Paxton Trust to build an aquaponics education center on the Paxton Campus in Leesburg, VA—complete with aquaponics system, greenhouse, production facility and training space. The initiative will serve children and youth who are economically disadvantaged, have differing abilities and those who do not adapt well to traditional learning environments by providing vocational training in the burgeoning field of adaptive agriculture. Coming soon in 2020!
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