Adaptive Agriculture & Aquaponics

INMED has partnered with the Paxton Trust to construct an aquaponics education center on the Paxton Campus in Leesburg, VA. The center will include a large-scale aquaponics system, greenhouse, production facility and training space. The initiative will serve children and youth who are economically disadvantaged, have disabilities and those who struggle with mental health challenges by providing vocational training in the burgeoning field of adaptive agriculture.

INMED Aquaponics is a holistic program that involves hands-on technical training as well as business and financial planning for those interested in launching agro-enterprises. There also will be field visits for younger children to learn about ecology, nutrition, biology, agriculture and the environment.

Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming and hydroponics in a closed symbiotic system. It produces crops and fish year-round at yields significantly higher than traditional farming with no chemicals or fertilizers, while dramatically conserving water, energy and land resources. Around the world, INMED has adapted aquaponics into an innovative, simplified package for individuals with disabilities and other vulnerable populations.

INMED’s aquaponics education center will collaborate with other INMED Aquaponics programs globally, especially in South Africa.

Volunteers from CyrusOne data centers, HITT Contracting and Blue Ridge Landscape Design donned gloves and safety gear to clear the site of the future INMED Aquaponics education center at the Paxton Campus in Leesburg. Anderson Equipment Company and Sunbelt Rentals donated a bulldozer, commercial wood chipper and other heavy equipment to the effort.

“This is our second volunteer workday with INMED,” noted Stuart Dyer, Business Development Manager of CyrusOne. “INMED’s mission to help children and families achieve self-reliance complements one of our core values of being caring individuals and corporate citizens of the places where we live and work. The aquaponics center represents a unique approach to equipping all our neighbors for success while also protecting the environment.”

Within hours, the site was cleared and ready for the next phase of development.