Today is UN’s International Day for Disaster Reduction

Today is the UN’s International Day for Disaster Reduction! What are you doing to help reduce the possibility of or prepare for a future natural disaster? At INMED, we’re teaching small-scale farmers climate-smart agriculture techniques, such as aquaponics, to become climate-change resilient. Aquaponics is an environmentally friendly way to ensure food security and economic development in regions hard hit by climate change. Other advantages include:

  • Crop production at least 5 times higher than equivalently sized plots traditionally cultivated.
  • 85-90% less water consumption than traditional irrigation.
  • No chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Energy consumption substantially less than mechanized agriculture.
  • Year-round crop production.
  • Significantly less labor than traditional farming, making it accessible to individuals with disabilities, beneficial for female-led households and attractive to youth.

Celebrate the International Day for Disaster Reduction by learning more about INMED’s climate-smart agriculture programs: Learn more about the International Day for Disaster Reduction at

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