The G20 Challenge and INMED’s Solution

G20The following reference to the need for sustainable food production as the world’s population of people who suffer from hunger continues to increase was included in The G20 Leaders’ Declaration published on September 6, 2013 under the heading “Food Security” in the Saint Petersburg Development Outlook Annex:

Challenge: The international community is grappling with the twin tasks of alleviating immediate suffering and the longer-term challenge of feeding a growing and rapidly urbanizing population. Poverty stands at the root of this challenge, which is also complicated by constraints such as … growing competition for scarce resources including land and water.”

Response: Food security and nutrition require sustainable production and productivity growth with a particular emphasis on smallholder and family farmers development needs…”

INMED Partnerships for Children agrees and has already responded to this challenge! With its Adaptive Agriculture program, INMED uses the intensive food production technique known as aquaponics to improve food security, conserve natural resources, and provide income generation for vulnerable communities and families. Read more about INMED Partnerships for Children Aquaponics by clicking here.