Thankful Thursday

inmed1INMED, and especially our team in South Africa, is thankful for Josua Le Roux, General Manager-Central Support for Air Products (pictured, first gentleman on left at INMED’s aquaponics project at Carel De Wet Technical High School). Mr. Le Roux was instrumental in obtaining Air Products’ funding for INMED’s first commercial-scale aquaponics project in South Africa. Air Products has funded additional commercial-scale INMED aquaponic systems at Rand Vaal Primary School and on a small farm in Belfast, Mpumplanga Province.

Air Products and INMED are currently discussing additional partnership opportunities for next year.  Thanks to Mr. Le Roux, Air Products is on the front line of helping INMED foster economic development, food security and brighter futures for children, families and communities in South Africa. To learn more about INMED’s Adaptive Agriculture in South Africa, click here.