Thankful Thursday

The power of one. The families that INMED’s Opportunity Center serve are extremely grateful to Women Giving Back (WGB), and especially WGB volunteer Melissa Fox, for their in-kind donations last week. WGB provided a large box of clothing for children and adults in our Healthy Families program. Melissa collected a wish list of baby blankets and supplies, home goods and gift cards from her family, friends and neighbors for our struggling families. WGB and Melissa (pictured here between Opportunity Center Director Maria Vasquez and Family Support Worker Nancy Ordonez) have been faithful supporters of INMED’s families for the past decade and continually demonstrate that one person making one donation can add up to life-changing results. 

Women Giving Back supplies transitionally homeless women and children with clothing to help them enter the workforce and fit in at school. Since its founding in 2007, WGB has distributed more than 300,000 items of clothing to more than 23,000 women and 15,300 children from 100 shelters in Northern Virginia. WGB’s store in Sterling  is open the second Saturday of each month, and all items are free of charge. For more information, visit

For more information on how you can become an opportunity maker for INMED’s families, visit