Thankful Thursday

INMED is grateful for the generous support of long-time partner Johnson & Johnson, which has donated enough Vermox™ brand mebendazole to treat 6 million individuals afflicted with intestinal parasitic worms in Peru for the next 5 years. INMED Andes and Johnson & Johnson have been facilitating deworming campaigns in endemic regions of Peru since 2006 and have mobilized a national effort to reach all affected communities. Our highly effective deworming campaigns are delivered in conjunction with preventive health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition education to reduce the incidence of reinfection and promote the adoption of healthy behaviors for lasting change.

INMED Andes also has strengthened the national effort to improve nutrition for school-age children and introduced innovations for sustainable, nutritionally balanced food production.

Learn more about INMED’s deworming program in Peru at Visit INMED Andes’ web site at #soiltransmittedhelminth  #childhealth  #parasiticinfection  #diseaseprevention