Thankful Thursday

Making Wishes Come True: The children in INMED’s after-school program have enjoyed making wish lists for the holidays. They were overjoyed when a mysterious stranger delivered their wish list items during their holiday party last week. Whoops of laughter could be heard throughout the hallways of the Opportunity Center as the kids unwrapped Pokémon cards, Rainbow Looms, My Little Pony and Legos – all courtesy of Christina Krogh of Building Confident Kids. A brand-new nonprofit based in Leesburg, Building Confident Kids seeks to build the self-esteem of children in crisis situations by providing care packages and support activities, such as art, music and pet therapy. In addition to the wish list items, the care packages included inspiring children’s books and journals to support cathartic expression.

Christina received a little in return in the form of hugs and adoration from the OC kids. It was a verklempt-worthy moment for all! For more information about Building Confident Kids, visit