Thankful for a Helping Hand

Going through a divorce and finding herself a single mother of three young children, Michelle faced a number of financial challenges that threatened the security and welfare of her family. Fortunately she turned to INMED Partnerships for Children for help.

michellecarcropWith no access to transportation, Michelle could only find a part time job in walking distance to her home. But it wasn’t enough to pay the bills and feed and clothe her family. Her INMED Case Manager connected her with a food bank and other resources to help her make ends meet. She also assisted Michelle in acquiring a car through Vehicles for Change, a local organization that fixes up used cars for needy families.

Michelle was so pleased with all the support she has received from INMED that she recently baked a cake and presented it with a thank you note to INMED staff. “You are my family that I never had,” she wrote inphotoMichelle her card.  INMED’s Case Manager noted that while she doesn’t wear a uniform for her position at INMED, she does put on a smile and a positive attitude for the children and parents she works with. “The best part of my home visits is that I leave a smile on all my families faces,” she says.