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Jersy Tangoa Garcia


Instructor in the Instituto Superior Pedagógico Bilingüe de Yarinacocha

INMED Aquaponics, INMED Andes


Jersy Tangoa Garcia is an instructor at a bilingual training institute for indigenous teachers and a member of the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. Children in her community are severely anemic from malnutrition due to food insecurity caused by climate change and deforestation. She is being trained in INMED Aquaponics® through INMED Andes, so she can teach others how to produce climate-smart food for their families and income.


“I want to help families to have access to foods rich in iron and vegetables to improve the nutrition of children who are most affected by food shortages and lack of economic resources. The goal is for teachers to develop similar systems in their home communities for food production and train their neighbors how to sell the products to support their families.”