Providing Disaster Relief in Peru

Our stalwart team at INMED Andes has been working around the clock to assemble and distribute hygiene and kits to flood victims struggling to put their lives back together in Peru. INMED, UNICEF and the UN Food Program are working together as Peru’s Ministry of Health Committee for Disaster Relief.

Flying into the hardest hit regions, where roads have been washed away and thousands of families have been displaced, our team has been performing health assessments at several refugee camps. Families are living in tent cities, eating just two modest meals a day from one communal pot and drinking water drawn from a single cistern.

Thanks to generous funding and in-kind donations from Johnson & Johnson, INMED is in the process of distributing thousands of hygiene kits, including special supplies for families with infants and toddlers supported by Peru’s Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion. INMED Andes is also working with Johnson & Johnson and to facilitate mass deworming campaigns throughout the country, in partnership with the Ministry of Health, regional health and education directorates and municipalities. Join our network for good to help us get more supplies to Peru’s flood victims:

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