Preschoolers in Petrolina Love their Veggies!

Anne Kelly de Souza Siqueira, a cafeteria worker at Aquarela das Letras preschool in Petrolina, Brazil, is very happy to see the students joyfully eating her nutritious meals, thanks to a new program by INMED and the Monsanto Fund. Called Crescer Saudavel (Growing Healthy), the program increases children’s access to fresh foods via school gardens as well as nutrition and healthy cooking training for food preparers and parents.

With INMED’s training, Anne Kelly is now preparing dishes that are more colorful and appetizing to the children. “At lunch time, the kids are eager to see on their plate what they have harvested from the vegetable garden,” she says.  The favorite dish is chicken risotto with rice, carrots, potatoes, coriander, onion, pumpkin and seasoning with garlic. Anne Kelly says she is excited to be part of Crescer Saudavel and that it is a great incentive for her to develop her skills in the school kitchen and at home for her own family.

Crescer Saudavel is facilitated by INMED in-country affiliate Parcerias Internacionais Para Crianças (International Partnerships for Children). Learn more at or Learn more about the Monsanto Fund’s community partnerships:

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