Please DO try this at home!

Our team at INMED South Africa has been growing a bumper crop of spinach in their office aquaponic system. Measuring just 2 square meters of growing space with an 800-liter fish tank, it is a simple and very affordable system to build in the backyard and can expanded easily, according to INMED adaptive agriculture and aquaponics specialist Khumbudzo Manyaga. This mighty little system can produce enough fresh spinach to supplement the meals of a family of 4 at least once or twice a week. The tank can hold up to 200 fish, which can be harvested and cooked for nutritious protein. This tank contains tilapia.

INMED will be holding a 2-day workshop on how to install and maintain aquaponic systems for personal use or as a business enterprise on August 26-27 in Johannesburg and September 1-2 in Port Elizabeth. For more details or to register for the workshop, visit or email

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