Pella Food Garden Cooperative

INMED’s aquaponics and adaptive agriculture project for the Pella Food Garden Cooperative in the desert region of Northern Cape, South Africa continues to take shape. Seedlings are now peeking up from the composted soil under a massive shade cloth. The seedling nursery tables are constructed and awaiting the seedling trays, while the co-op members finish the rest of the aquaponic system infrastructure. A greenhouse over the fish tanks and another shade cloth will be installed next week. INMED South Africa is providing the technical expertise, labor and training for this project in partnership with Old Mutual South Africa. The project is expected to increase the group’s crop yield at least 10-fold while conserving scarce water and other resources. INMED South Africa also is working with the co-op to identify broader markets for their produce and fish. Follow their progress on Facebook at @INMEDSA.

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