Pella Food Garden Co-op’s Aquaponic System

The grow beds for the Pella Food Garden Co-op’s aquaponic system are taking shape in Northern Cape, South Africa. Last week, our INMED South Africa team facilitated the concrete pour, which has formed the system’s foundation and 9 grow beds—each with a grow space measuring 7.4 meters long and 1 meter wide.  The system also will have 5 fish tanks.

The co-op plans to grow cucumber, rocket lettuce (specifically requested by the B&B in the next town), spinach, tomato,es and beans. Based on other INMED aquaponics projects, the year-round yield is expected to be 3 times that of traditional farming. The traditional garden, which will be maintained using adaptive agriculture techniques, is already producing crops. Onion, potato and sweet potato, watermelon butternut/pumpkin and beetroot are being planted in this garden. The project includes assistance with finding markets for the produce and fish.

This project for the all-female farming cooperative is a partnership of INMED Partnerships for Children, INMED South Africa and Old Mutual, a financial services firm.

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