INMED’s vision is to transform the future of vulnerable children around the world. As our name suggests, we have not set out to do it alone. Working with a worldwide coalition of corporations, governments, and foundations, our programs have transformed the lives of millions of children and families across the globe. Our alliances with local and multinational partners create a strong foundation for children’s health and education, inspire communities to invest in their children’s futures, and create new opportunities for children to maximize their potential and achieve lifelong success.

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Piecemeal efforts do not prevent a generation of children from being left behind in impoverished, violent and disease-plagued communities. Charting the course for the future to bring about real change and opportunities for children at risk requires commitments from us all. Public-private partnerships play a vital part in enabling the present and future generations of children to develop into responsible, healthy young teens and adults. Nonprofit organizations like ours have a particular responsibility and play an important role in these partnerships, both domestically and internationally—identifying gaps in services, providing the missing services, ensuring their sustainability and helping to effect policy change.

The concern and support of the public is the foundation upon which we build our partnerships and programs, and it is to the public that we hold ourselves accountable.

Email us at for more information on how you can become a partner in the work to rescue children from imminent and irreversible harm and prepare them to shape a brighter future for themselves and the next generation.

“Despite mother nature’s adversity, this partnership continues to grow in leaps and bounds. And I sincerely appreciate your dedication and resolve to help families recover from the unexpected.  Their enthusiasm and resolve is definitely an indicator that things will get better.” – Nicole Robinson, Kraft Food Foundation, commenting on INMED’s flood relief efforts in Brazil.