News from South Africa

News from South Africa: The ladies of the Pella Food Cooperative are trending among corporations looking to invest in community development. INMED’s recently installed aquaponics system is working beautifully, and fish are growing by leaps and bounds. INMED South Africa Operations Manager Janet Ogilvie is training the group members on recordkeeping and other essentials for operating a thriving new enterprise.

According to INMED South Africa’s Khumbudzo (KG) Manyaga, progress on their drip irrigation garden is also exceeding expectations. A sample harvest of their beetroot crop, for example, yielded significantly larger beets than in years past. The same is true of the spinach and carrot crops. INMED’s team is working with the co-op to price their produce competitively in the marketplace, which currently offers expensive produce that has been trucked into the community and is not fresh.

“Pricing their produce cheaper will not only help them sell more but will give the community access to affordable, fresh vegetables,” notes INMED South Africa Program Director Unathi Sihlahla. “It is most exciting to know that the project is going well, and everyone who visits can attest to that,” he adds. “A huge big-ups to our team for the amazing work done thus far on this project.” 

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