New INMED aquaponic system at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University


Schools in Port Elizabeth, South Africa are queuing up for tours of the new INMED aquaponic system at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, while NMMU students set to work on their aquaponics research projects. INMED SA staff member Mpendulo Ngcakani is conducting his master’s research on the unit, which will allow him to help scale the impact of this project to other regions. NMMU students Chumani Jezile and Thembelihle Thekwana, pictured here, are volunteering their time to help install school gardens in Port Elizabeth and tend the NMMU aquaponic system over the next year as part of the practical training portion of their BTech in Agriculture curriculum. 

As  South Africa is suffers from debilitating drought, INMED South Africa continues to scale the impact of aquaponics as a critical solution to adapting to climate change.

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