Nelson Mandela Day Campaign July 18, 2020

Born and raised in poverty and unjustly imprisoned for more than two decades, Nelson Mandela overcame hatred, violence and oppression to become the leader of South Africa and an inspiration for the world. In this time of global pandemic, Nelson Mandela’s passion for education has never been more important.

INMED Partnerships for Children is humbled to participate in Nelson Mandela’s vision of a world that achieves equality, respect, education, food security, access to healthcare and equal opportunities for all people through education and compassion.

Help us celebrate Nelson Mandela Day on July 18 by sharing these special videos of our staff, volunteers and program participants offering tributes to Nelson Mandela; tips on fitness, healthy lifestyles and home gardening; and reading a children’s book about preventing the spread of the coronavirus, written by INMED South Africa Programs Director Unathi Sihlahla. Together, we can help vulnerable children and families survive the pandemic and thrive in its aftermath.

Nelson Mandela would be proud!

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Story Time

Tell All Kids About Coronavirus and COVID-19 (South Africa)

Sixteen-year-old Ashleigh reads an ebook for children on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus, written by INMED South Africa Programmes Director Unathi Sihlahla. To download a free copy of this book, please visit

Cuénteles a todos los niños sobre coronavirus y COVID-19

Garbriel, de nueve años, lee un libro para niños sobre cómo prevenir la propagación de COVID-19, escrito por el Director de Programas de INMED Sudáfrica, Unathi Sihlahla. ¡La información es igual de útil en Perú!

We Are All in This Together

INMED USA STEAM Club participants Jimmy and Jhosline read a story written by INMED Africa Programs Director Unathi Sihlahla about students in Soweto, who learn how to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Download a free copy of this ebook.

A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

INMED USA after-school program graduate Juan reads a few facts about Nelson Mandela’s early life as part of INMED’s Nelson Mandela Day of Service celebration.

A Bucket Full of Dinosaurs!

Reyvan reads his favorite story and hopes it will become yours, too!

Create Your Own Backyard Garden

You don’t need a lot of space to plant your own garden. Health in Action Break Time Buddy Sipho instructs you every step of the way—from germinating seeds in a food container to digging holes with a stick to watering your crop with wash water. You don’t need any fancy equipment or a lot of space to grow fresh, organic and nutritious vegetables and fruit for your family.

Not Enough Space for a Garden? Try this Nifty Tip

Health in Action Break Time Buddy Zandile demonstrates how to create a container garden out of old tires to fit any space constraints

Transplanting Makes Your Garden Grow Bigger

Keep your container plants healthy by transplanting them to larger pots. Mondelēz International Health in Action Volunteer Nishanie shows you how.

Backyard Garden Step 1

Plan your garden and germinate your seeds

Backyard Garden Step 2

Prepare your garden for planting

Backyard Garden Step 3

Plant your seeds and seedlings

Backyard Garden Step 4

Tend and water your garden with rainwater you can collect in a barrel or save from washing dishes. Enjoy watching your garden grow and eating its delicious produce.

Healthy Eating

Super Smoothie for Your System

Mondelēz International Health in Action volunteer Itumeleng shares a recipe for an immune system-boosting smoothie that will improve your energy and your spirits.

Super Simple Smoothie

Mondelēz International Health in Action volunteer Ntendeni shares her favorite recipe for a quick, easy and delicious smoothie.

Fitness & Exercise

Full-body Workout with Nokuthula

Get your endorphins pumping with this quick, 5-part workout with Mondelēz International Health in Action volunteer Nokuthula.

Workout with Mmabatho

Try this workout with Health in Action Break Time Buddy Mmabatho at home every day and you will get into shape in no time.

Exercises You Can Do with Your Kids

This energetic son of Health in Action Break Time Buddy Dineo leads a super quick workout you can do as a family between chores or while you’re waiting for dinner to cook.

Socially Distanced Fitness for Recess Time

Break Time Buddy Nevan leads a rigorous session of ab strengthening and stretching you can do while wearing PPE and socially distanced at school or home.

Kicking it into High Gear with Thandiwe

Health in Action Break Time Buddy Thandiwe pumps up the volume for this short but rigorous workout.

Pre-workout Stretches

It’s important to take 5 minutes to stretch your muscles before doing any fitness activities. In this video, Health in Action Break Time Buddy Onesimo demonstrates some easy but effective stretches.

Funny Walk for Strong Glutes and Legs

Health in Action Break Time Buddy Onesimo demonstrates a great exercise to try while walking to or from school, work or market. It may look a little silly, but it will give you great results.

Ready, Set, Go!

Health in Action Break Time Buddy Onesimo runs a one-person relay and wins every time. You can too!