Leadership for Performance

mondelez-ladyLast week, INMED’s headquarters hosted 15 young executives in Mondelēz International’s Leadership for Performance(LFP) program. Over the past two years, LFP groups have visited INMED teams in Brazil, Peru, South Africa and the U.S. with the goal of identifying challenges to INMED’s mission and developing solutions for scaling our programs. INMED’s Opportunity Center was both the first and the last stop on this two-year journey. The LPF members worked with children in our After-School program, families in our homelessness prevention program and women taking a savings course in our Family Education program. The LPF members also interviewed INMED’s directors and employees.  The week culminated in a two-hour presentation of the group’s findings, along with short-, mid-, and long-term actin plans.

We are grateful for all the time, effort and intellectual horsepower that Mondelēz invested in this project for INMED. It is a great privilege to partner with the Mondelēz International Foundation to carry out its wellness initiatives mondelez-manaround the world.