Khunedi Wins More Gold


Khunedi Mashishi, who stole our hearts by overcoming numerous obstacles to win two gold medals in South Africa’s national cross-country competition in October, has brought home another gold. After INMED stepped up to sponsor Khunedi for the national competition, the Paradise Bend Primary School 7th grader has been training with increasing determination. In the last week, she won the 1,200-m race for girls under age 11 at the Central Gauteng Athletics (CGA) event. That win has earned Khunedi a coveted spot on the Gauteng Provincial Team. 

Khunedi’s next race will be on November 19 in Durban for the National Championships. Her principal is seeking funding for Khunedi to attend a special school for athletics next year in hopes of supporting her dream of running in the next Summer Olympics.

Paradise Bend Primary School is an INMED Health in Action school, where teachers and students learn the importance of nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles through fun, engaging lessons and activities. Leave a comment for Khunedi below!

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