Interactive Sensory Garden

Students at Laerskool Kempton Park in Johannesburg, South Africa, were greeted with a big surprise when they returned for the new term: an interactive sensory garden, courtesy of Air Products and INMED South Africa. The primary school serves a large student population of children with disabilities, who were especially excited to explore the sensory walkway, water wall, sound wall and textures pole. “The hard-of-hearing students made such a cacophony of sounds!” exclaimed one teacher. “They loved it!”

INMED and Air Products also installed an aquaponic system last fall to provide fresh produce and fish for the school’s meals. The system features grow beds and flooring specially designed to allow wheelchair-dependent students to easily participate in the planting and harvesting activities, as well as the care and feeding of the fish. These innovative school gardens are proving to be effective teaching tools and therapy for students with special needs.

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