INMED’s Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture (IACA) Program

Small-scale farmers and emerging agriculture entrepreneurs in Jamaica are now on their way to launching their own aquaponics enterprises, thanks to INMED’s Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture (IACA) program with #MICAF #MEGJC @CaribbeanDevelopmentBank @RADA_jam. INMED Caribbean is holding its first training session for farmers this week, and early feedback is highly positive.

In Jamaica, climate-related events have been identified as major threats to the agricultural sector, which represents about 7 percent of GDP and employs about 18 percent of the country’s population. Small- and medium-scale farmers are among the most vulnerable to the current and future effects of climate change, because they lack the technology, knowledge and financing to implement adaptive measures. INMED’s IACA program is providing access to financing and markets, training and technical assistance to help small-scale farmers, women and youth generate a reliable source of income and improve the food security and economic stability of their communities. Learn more at