INMED’s Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture

Check out the handiwork of new aquaponics farmer Angella Ramdon-Salmon. She is one of 24 women who are participating in INMED’s Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture (IACA) in Jamaica. This multi-sector economic development program is bolstering food security, income generation and climate-change adaptation in Jamaica by helping emerging entrepreneurs launch aquaponics enterprises.

Angella is using aquaponics to expand her organic herb and spice business. Her aquaponics system consists of 6 grow beds using 55 gallon drums cut vertically,  3 fish tanks and 3 sump tanks consisting of 55 gallon drums cut horizontally. The herbs harvested from this system will be marketed to upscale buyers, along with other natural products derived from her crops. The products will be commercially available from Angella’s website at https:// (website is currently under construction).

Follow Angella’s progress and read about our other fledgling aquaponics farmers at