INMED’s Deworming Program is Going National in Peru

medicine-dispensingVia Peruvian affiliate INMED Andes, we are leading a groundbreaking initiative to improve the health and nutritional status of children in Peru by mobilizing a sustainable national effort to:

  • Provide deworming treatment to six million individuals annually, primarily children, in the areas most affected by intestinal parasites
  • Promote preventive health, hygiene, sanitation and nutrition education to reduce the incidence of reinfection and promote the adoption of healthy behaviors for lasting change
  • Strengthen the national effort to improve nutrition for school-age children and introduce sustainable, nutritionally balanced food production.

Through partnerships with national, regional and local programs and activities in health, nutrition, food security, education and community development, INMED is improving the health and future of millions of vulnerable children. This would not be possible without the critical support of:

  • Peru’s Ministries of Health, Education, and Development and Social Inclusion
  • Regional directorates and local departments of health and education
  • Peru’s National nutrition center, school health plan and school feeding program
  • Regional and global networks confronting neglected tropical diseases including STH
  • Corporate partner Johnson & Johnson, which has donated all of the deworming treatment to be used in the campaign