INMED’s Crescer Saudavel Program

INMED’s Crescer Saudavel program is changing the minds and health habits of young mothers in Petrolina, Brazil. In partnership with the Monsanto Fund, the three-year initiative addresses the issue of early childhood nutrition and development via school and home gardening, school food worker training, and education and training for mothers, teachers and community health agents on the use and consumption of nutritious foods.

So far, INMED’s in-country affiliate Para Criancas has conducted 41 training events totaling 1,194 mothers (and several fathers). Our Para Criancas team also delivered 39 workshops on solar water disinfection to 1,232 parents. Feedback from many of the schools and mothers indicates that the Crescer Saudável project has already changed their thinking about nutrition and motivation to improve. As one teacher noted, “The children don’t bring processed foods from home any more—juice boxes, cookies—because the parents recognize that they eat better at school.” 

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