INMED’s Break Time Buddies

INMED’s Break Time Buddies are making an impact. Before joining INMED South Africa’s recently launched Break Time Buddies program, young Msimelelo Seti was unemployed, had few marketable skills and little direction for his life. He’s one of millions of unemployed youth in South Africa who desperately need opportunities to succeed.

In collaboration with the University of Witwatersrand’s Center for Exercise and Sports Medicine, INMED’s Health in Action program is training unemployed youth like Msimelelo to lead fun physical education activities during school recess time to promote exercise and healthy lifestyles among children and their teachers. Break-Time Buddies are selected by school governing boards and receive a 3-day training workshop on how to prepare and deliver physical education lessons in primary schools.

Break Time Buddies present their lessons to 250-300 children per week and have earned high marks for their work—both by the students themselves as well as the life orientation teachers, some of whom have asked for increased involvement of the buddies. For Msimelelo, it has been an uplifting experience to get children excited about fitness. Watch this video as he explains:

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