INMED is on target to provide deworming treatment

INMED Andes is taking on the ubiquitous soil-transmitted helminth (aka intestinal parasitic worm) where it lives. In partnership with the regional department of health, DIRESA, INMED Andes delivered a 3-day training program last week for local health agents in Piura, Peru. In preparation for a widespread deworming campaign in the northwestern city, training topics covered STH and its importance as a public health problem, regional actions to develop deworming activities and a presentation of a study of the impact of the efficacy of deworming of primary school children in grades 3-5.

INMED is on target to provide deworming treatment to as many as 6 million individuals annually, thanks to a partnership with Johnson & Johnson. Treatment is reinforced with education on hygiene, sanitation and clean water.

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