INMED Garden in Petrolina, Brazil

Little ones learn the joy of the first harvest of their INMED garden at Maria Lúcia Diogo kindergarten on a beautiful island in Petrolina, Brazil. Before INMED planted their school garden a few months ago, these children did not eat lettuce or tomatoes or any fresh vegetable at all, says INMED Program Manager Paula Sanches. “Now, they love it!”

The school garden is part of INMED’s Crescer Saudável (Grow Healthy) program in partnership with the Monsanto Fund to promote early nutrition and health education to preschools and communities in Petrolina, Peru. Gicelia is a program coordinator of INMED affiliate Para Criancas, which works directly with school managers and cafeteria workers  to get children and their mothers excited about incorporating more fresh produce into their diets to improve long-term health and vitality.

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