INMED Caribbean welcomes Austin Stankus

INMED Caribbean welcomes Austin Stankus as our new aquaponics expert in Jamaica. Austin will be scaling the impact of our Adaptive Agriculture program to reach more small scale farmers across the island and regionally within the Caribbean.  Prior to joining INMED, Austin was on contract with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome, where he authored a widely read aquaponics manual (FAO Aquaponic Manual), which has been downloaded more than 300,000 times. An expert in integrated systems approaches, he recently led a permaculture/sustainable land management project in Burundi to introduce Farmer Field Schools to modern techniques of goat breeding, mushroom culture, integrated livestock, pond aquaculture and soil erosion.

Austin also has provided consulting services to several aquaponic and organic farms in the U.S., including an aquaponic facility catering to special needs teenagers, particularly students with Asperger’s and Autism. “Perhaps my most rewarding day ever was a Thanksgiving celebration where we ate grilled fresh tilapia with a side of salad and veggies—all harvested and prepared by the students.” he says.

We can’t wait to share his adventures with INMED Caribbean. For more information on adaptive agriculture in Jamaica, visit

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