INMED Brasil celebrated its Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program

INMED Brasil celebrated its Healthy Children, Healthy Futures program with partners General Mills and the United Way Worldwide at a fun-day event at the State School Brasílio Machado in São Paulo.

Volunteers from General Mills spent the day leading physical education activities and workshops, helping with science and art projects and even preparing healthy lunches for the children. “Many children told me that today is the happiest day of their lives,” said Yara Segobi de Araripe, a physical education teacher at the school. “Others asked me what will be the lunch menu next year, because they had so much fun preparing lunch with the volunteers.”

For 6-year-old Mathias Bezerra de Souza, fun came in the form of fire and sweets. “I liked everything that happened here, but if I have to say what I liked the most, I think it was to play with fire [for our science project] and making cake with the volunteers for our lunch dessert. That was really fun!”

Special thanks to our INMED Brazil team and all the incredible volunteers from General Mills.

inmed-brasil-general-mills-volunteers-2 inmed-general-mills-lunch inmed-general-mills-volunteers-lead-recess-games

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