INMED Andes: Intestinal Worm Medication

Our team at INMED Andes is busily facilitating the distribution of intestinal worm medication to children in 3rd – 5th grade in 3 regions of Peru—regions also hard hit by the recent flooding. In an effort to formulate more effective prevention interventions in communities, schools and health facilities, the team is conducting detailed surveys to evaluate the impact of their deworming efforts. Community health agents are interviewing children and their parents to collect information about habits, attitudes and practices in relation to the factors that lead to parasitic infection in addition to collecting baseline blood and fecal samples to detect the prevalence of anemia, which can result from ongoing infection. This national deworming program is being facilitated with the support of the National Ministry of Health, regional and local health agencies, the Department of Education, Johnson & Johnson Global Health and other community partners.

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