How INMED Helped Me

As a single father of three boys, life can be overwhelming. The stress of supporting my family alone and not having strong work skills made it difficult to hold down a full-time job. I had no idea how to budget, so I often ended up not being able to pay my rent. I couldn’t even afford beds for my boys, so they slept on the floor.

Through the free financial literacy classes offered under INMED’s Family Education program at the Family & Youth Opportunity Center, I learned how to manage a budget, prioritize my expenses and start building a savings account. INMED’s family education classes also taught me important parenting skills, such as disciplining my children with love and the importance of family time.

With INMED’s help, I created a resume for the first time and met my current employer at one of their free job fairs. My family is much more stable now. I have a steady job and have saved enough money to buy brand new beds for my sons. I am also continuing to improve my job skills so that my sons will have a better future.

If you would like to help single parents provide a better future for our children, please support INMED.

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