Holiday cheer and hope for growing families

INMED Andes recently hosted a well-attended event in the village of Monerico in the Ucayali region of Peru to spread the word about INMED’s nearby maternity waiting home in San José de Yarinacocha—one of seven in the Ucayali and Puno regions.

The village is particularly vulnerable to poverty and high maternal and infant mortality rates. The event featured an educational workshop on maternal health; recognition of danger signs in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum; proper health care for children; and how to prevent the spread of dengue and intestinal parasites.

In the spirit of the holiday season, participants were served hot chocolate and panettone. Santa’s elves also distributed gifts, since none of the children had been naughty last year. More than 60 mothers and 40 children attended. Learn more about INMED’s maternity waiting homes at

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