The Future of Farming…Now!


Interested in innovations in agriculture? Concerned about sustainable agriculture and development? Want to invest in food security, income generation, climate change and the environment?

Don’t miss this first-of-a-kind symposium on aquaponics and its adaptation specifically for sustainable development. Experts will discuss the economics, construction, training and practical applications of this innovative farming technique. Through this hands-on conference, you will visit farms and agriculture schools and experience INMED’s unique and integrated form of aquaponics in action, and also learn from examples of aquaponic systems in other countries such as South Africa and Peru.

Learn first-hand how aquaponics is:

  • Offering stable crop production and food security
  • Providing families with a means of sustainable income generation
  • Transforming smallholder farming communities
  • Generating innovative opportunities for public/private partnerships
  • Inspiring a new generation of farmers who are truly Harvesting the Future!

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