GFWC DC Woman’s Club and EasySundays Partner to Support INMED

INMED has been a partner of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC) since 2010, and it has been very exciting to watch clubs mobilize to raise money for and awareness of the issues faced by vulnerable children.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we announce that the GFWC District of Columbia Woman’s Club, a charitable, intellectual, philanthropic, social, and civic organization promoting the betterment of the Washington DC community through volunteer service by women of all age, and EasySundays , a nonprofit based in Belgium aiming to unite people around Sunday brunches to socialize, enjoy food, and support charitable causes, are partnering to bring together people in Washington, D.C. to support the work of INMED Partnerships for Children.

The Sunday brunch event, the first that EasySundays is holding in the city, will take place on April 15, 2012 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. at GFWC Headquarters located at 1734 N Street NW, Washington, D.C. Tickets can be purchased online. All proceeds will go to INMED, so please spread the word to friends and family and come out to show your support.

Update on April 23 by INMED


Funds raised at the EasySundays and GFWC District of Columbia Woman’s Club’s April 15 brunch to benefit INMED will ensure better nutrition for impoverished children at Pudumo Primary School in Orange Farm, South Africa. Proceeds from the brunch will help complete the construction of an aquaponics unit—an innovative system combining fish farming with hydroponic vegetable gardening—on the school grounds. Vegetables and fish harvested from the unit will supplement the students’ school lunches, which for many of the children may represent their only substantial meal of the day.

INMED thanks EasySundays, the GFWC District of Columbia Woman’s Club and everyone who attended the brunch for their vital support. More updates will be forthcoming as construction of the aquaponics unit progresses and as fish and vegetables begin to grow.

EasySundays’ article about the brunch and the use of the funds raised at the event can be found here: