Financing for Climate Smart Agriculture-Aquaponics Program

After a 2-year drought, the produce aisles in Jamaican grocery store aisles were completely barren. The effects of climate change on this small Caribbean country have been causing significant food insecurity, health and economic issues. To make matters worse, small-scale farmers lack the tools, technical knowledge and financing to adapt to climate change. Many are pursuing other fields of work, as unemployment rates increase.

INMED Partnerships for Children has responded by launching the Financing for Climate Smart Agriculture-Aquaponics Program to provide financial tools, training, technical assistance and market access to struggling farmers, women, youth and people with disabilities. A combination of fish farming and soilless crop production, aquaponics allows for year-round harvests to increase income and reduce hunger, poverty and food insecurity.

Please join our Global Giving Campaign on March 13 to generate funding this program. If we can raise $5,000 in 3 weeks, we will receive matching funds from Global Giving and will become a featured charity on its web site.

If you care about the environment and the farmers struggling to survive in the face of climate change, please make a donation in any amount at

We only have 3 weeks to make a difference in the lives of many. Please help us by taking action on MARCH 13-31!

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