Environmental Award for INMED

joyce-with-eco-awardCongratulations to INMED Brasil for receiving the Brazil Environmental Award in the Ecosystems category from the American Chamber of Commerce of Rio de Janeiro. This annual award recognizes sustainability initiatives of the business sector in the country. INMED’s Clean Water program, Healthy Children was honored for its partnership with Engie Brazil Energy, Consortium CESTE Foundation and the municipal government of Carolina to encourage the preservation of water resources and positively influence people’s behavior.

INMED Brasil’s Water Clean program, Healthy Children program protects 35 springs from a total of 48 mapped in the municipality of Carolina (MA), which is home to 1,154 school-aged children from 38 municipal schools—80% located in rural areas. The program educates children, adolescents and the public about the importance of clean water for hygiene, health and environmental sustainability and quality of life. Through hand-on activities, such as water testing and clean-up projects, communities are improving the quality of their water resources and overall health of their populations.

“The relevance of this prize is immense, as it highlights the importance of a sustainability program that not only protects and recovers water sources but also involves the whole community, and especially children, as guardians of this collective good,” said INMED Brasil Executive Director Dr. Joyce Capelli (pictured here with Cristina Ribeiro, Sustainable Development Manager of Engie Brazil.