Economic Development Through Aquaponics in Jamaica

jamaica-aquaponics-collageINMED is pleased to announce its innovative “Increasing Access to Climate-Smart Agriculture (IACA)” aquaponics program in Jamaica, which is scheduled to launch early next year. The program will allow mid-level farmers, and ultimately small farmers and youth, to access unsecured financing through local financial institutions to start entrepreneurial aquaponics projects.  

Fueled interest from the Inter-American Development Bank, increasing public support and INMED’s business and technical aquaponics training, our IACA program will allow more smallholder farmers the ability to generate income while conserving resources. Current INMED aquaponics projects have consistently increased crop yields by ten-fold, while requiring a fraction of the water and other resources needed for traditional agriculture. Our aquaponic systems also require no pesticides or fertilizer and are resilient to the impacts of climate change. “We believe INMED’s IACA program will help strengthen Jamaica’s agriculture sector in general and its ability to produce food locally, lessening expenditures on food importation in the face of increasing climate change and food security threats,” says INMED Global Partnerships Director Francesca Laursen. For more information on INMED aquaponics in Jamaica, see