Celebrating Women Who Inspire

To celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8 is celebrated in more than 80 countries worldwide to raise awareness of and to support women’s causes.

At INMED, we celebrate women every day, whether it’s our majority female staff or the women we empower to achieve food security, sustainable livelihoods and self-reliance for their families and communities around the world. Here, we’re featuring 10 women who inspire us at INMED—and we invite you to join us in building a better world for women by supporting our work.

Sherica Campbell

Program Manager

INMED Caribbean


Meet Sherica Campbell, our new Program Manager of INMED Caribbean. Her agribusiness background is helping her launch the first INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise in Jamaica with plans to expand INMED Aquaponics® throughout the Caribbean to boost climate change adaptation, food security and sustainable livelihoods—especially for women.
“As a female working in the agribusiness sector in Jamaica, what inspires me is to assist other females to be successful, by providing them with the tools and information they need to operate their small farms as a business. For me that is very inspiring.”

Tanikie O’Connor Dennie

Aquaponics Farmer

INMED Caribbean


After 20 years in the livestock industry, Tanikie O’Connor Dennie decided to become an aquaponics farmer when she took INMED’s free training and business coaching sessions. “It was affordable, and INMED gave me the tools to become profitable as soon as possible,” she says.
“The COVID-19 pandemic and INMED Aquaponics training gave me the impetus to move forward with my lifelong dream of becoming a farmer. I decided to take the plunge because we definitely need more farmers out there for food security.”

Zarela Bravo

Programs Director



As a long-time programs director, Zarela Bravo is the glue that holds INMED Andes together. She has been instrumental at helping scale INMED’s deworming program with Johnson & Johnson to a national level and has spearheaded the introduction of INMED Aquaponics® in the Peruvian Amazon. Because of Zarela, millions of children are living healthier lives with opportunities for brighter futures.
“I am inspired to help change the lives of the little ones. If you change the beginning of their story (intervene when they are small), you help change their future.”

Jersy Tangoa Garcia

Instructor in the Instituto Superior Pedagógico Bilingüe de Yarinacocha

INMED Aquaponics, INMED Andes


Jersy Tangoa Garcia is an instructor at a bilingual training institute for indigenous teachers and a member of the indigenous Shipibo-Conibo tribe in the Peruvian Amazon. Children in her community are severely anemic from malnutrition due to food insecurity caused by climate change and deforestation. She is being trained in INMED Aquaponics® through INMED Andes, so she can teach others how to produce climate-smart food for their families and income.
“I want to help families to have access to foods rich in iron and vegetables to improve the nutrition of children who are most affected by food shortages and lack of economic resources. The goal is for teachers to develop similar systems in their home communities for food production and train their neighbors how to sell the products to support their families.”

Mantombi Madona

Programme Facilitator

INMED South Africa


Mantombi Madona is a long-time programme facilitator for INMED South Africa in Free State, where she works with farmers with disabilities. Compassionate and knowledgeable, she loves sharing her expertise to help others improve their lives. Under her direction, three farming cooperatives have transitioned from subsistence to prosperous with INMED Aquaponics®.
“I am a farm girl. My parents still live on a farm. I have a passion for farming. It’s why I studied agriculture and love building adaptive agriculture skills in the community, because in my mind, no farmer, no future.”

Esther Nell

Chair, Pella Food Garden

Northern Cape, South Africa


Meet Esther Nell, an INMED Aquaponics® farmer living on the edge of the Kalahari Desert. A widow and mother of three, Esther and her fellow female farmers of the Pella Food Garden cooperative could not make ends meet with traditional agriculture. But Esther saw a vision for the future in INMED Aquaponics®. She applied for and received a commercial system, along with technical and business training and market development assistance from INMED South Africa to turn her subsistence farm into a thriving and expanding business. Now she’s training other women in her community to be aquaponics farmers through the INMED Aquaponics® Social Enterprise.
“This project really brought relief to our lives, because now we have fresh vegetables every day and are donating food to people with HIV/AIDS, schools and the soup kitchen in our community. We are bringing people to work here, so they have food on their table every day. Our legacy is to pay it forward through agriculture.”

Gester Pino

Program Manager, Healthy Families Loudoun



Gester Pino joined INMED USA eight years ago as a homelessness prevention and intervention case worker. She helped families transition from their darkest moments to self-reliance. As the leader of INMED’s Healthy Families Loudoun program, she is mentoring other case workers to help at-risk, first-time parents build nurturing and stable environments for resilient children who will be the leaders of tomorrow.
“I am inspired by watching first-time moms (many of them teenagers) learn to bond with their babies. I see the transition from crisis to joy, and I feel that I am helping to mold their futures.”


First-time mother and Healthy Families Loudoun participant



Dannesy was seven months pregnant when she was referred to INMED USA’s Healthy Families Loudoun (HFL) program. Adjusting to a new country and a new baby were made even more difficult during the COVID pandemic. But through the trusting relationship she built with her HFL case worker, Dannesy developed the skills she needed to give her son a healthy start in life and opportunities to thrive. She is now mentoring other new mothers who struggle.
“I faced a lot of challenges during my pregnancy, but INMED provided me with a case worker I could trust with whatever I needed, whether it was diapers or advice or emotional support. I couldn’t be more thankful for Healthy Families Loudoun and recommend it to other new mothers who are struggling.”


Merchant Center for Alternative Health Cooperative

Muribeca, Pernambuco, Brazil


Meet Giselda, a member of CESAM – Muribeca Alternative Health Center in Jaboatão dos Guararápes. CESAM is a community cooperative formed by women from the Muribeca neighborhood who work together to produce herbal remedies made from plants from the INMED Aquaponics® system that are donated to CESAM.
“This mint donation from the INMED Brasil aquaponics system was very important to us. We used it to produce mint syrup and other medicinal products that we sell for income. And the donations of vegetables that we receive have allowed us to help feed our community.”


INMED Aquaponics® intern

INMED Brasil


Maria Helena Gonçalves is an intern at INMED Brasil, and carries out her activities directly in our first aquaponics system in Brazil. As a student of the SERTA agroecology technical course and doing her curricular internship on campus, there are many exchanges of experiences and partnerships with professors and other students. Her contribution to aquaponics attracts attention and arouses the curiosity of the academic world, but also of local farmers seeking innovation and climate-smart alternatives.
“Working in the aquaponics system brings this innovative vision that we have strategies to deal with the problems that directly impact the issue of food and nutrition in the world. I am very proud to be part of this system, mainly because we work with donations for people who need this production.”