5 days and counting to the Zayed Sustainability Prize 

5 days and counting to the Zayed Sustainability Prize! We’re eagerly awaiting the decision of the distinguished 12-member Prize Jury, composed of former heads of state from Mexico and Iceland, a former prime minister of the Republic of Korea, UAE government ministers and representatives and internationally renowned businesspersons. Read more: https://zayedsustainabilityprize.com/5 days and counting to @Zayed! #iNMEDAquaponics #climatechage #jobs #foodsecurity

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Bringing smiles and opportunities to children

The world is a scary place. Political turmoil, extreme climate events and man-made environmental disasters are just a few reasons why 1 BILLION children live in poverty around the world. INMED Partnerships for Children is bringing smiles, opportunities and self-reliance to millions of children by breaking complex cycles of poverty. Learn how we’re doing it and join our cause! https://inmed.org
#INMEDAquaponics #maternalhealth #nutrition #income #jobs #education
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